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Hosting a class with StayIn is easy.  Take a look at the details below and sign up today!

Who Decides on the content of my class?

You get complete creative control over the event, how long it is, how often you host, and when.

What if I have never Taught a class?

Don't worry! Our team of experts will spend time with you getting ready for your first event and show you all the best practices to be successful.

How are events priced?

You set the price for the event. You also determine what the maximal number of guests you’d like to have in each event. Intimate fitness class of 6 or a mega meditation session with 100 students, it’s your call.

Are there any costs to me?

There are no setup, or recurring costs. You receive 80% of each ticket sold.

How do I get paid?

You will receive a weekly payment for all events you hosted in the previous week.

Do i need to give stayin exclusivity?

Absolutely not. If you like hosting live events, you are welcome to continue hosting them on whatever other platform you want.

Why Use STayin?

We provide you with all the tools and technology to put on a successful event. We also take care of all the scheduling, reminders, and logistics to make the event successful including helping guests find your event and buy tickets. Our design team will help create your perfect event page and be there through every step to support.

Is there any  risk to me?

There isn’t any. You have no out of pocket costs associated with working with us. You’re welcome to start with one event and see how it goes. There is no commitment.

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